Well Done Drilling Services 

Well Done Drilling Services is the premiere drilling company in The Bahamas and the Caribbean we are a 100% Bahamian owned and operated company.   Established in 1999, Well done Drilling Services quickly rose to the top of the drilling world.  Our rapid rise was due to a dedication to customer satisfaction, competitive pricing and the highest quality work possible.  We have the largest and most diversified drilling equipment in the Caribbean.  Our fleet includes multiple water well rigs, multiple auger rigs, cranes, drilling barges and various other specialty drilling equipment.  Well done Drilling services also specializes in water treatment solutions.  Solutions ranging from small seawater R/O systems to 1 million gallon per day treatment plants.  We can also provide mass water storage solutions, pressurization systems and sewerage treatment plants.

Well Done Drilling Services boasts the quickest deep well completion time in the industry.  We can complete six 150’ drainage wells in 5 days or less with only one drill rig.

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