Recent and Current Customers


Bahamas Hotmix, multiple subdivision drainage work throughout the Bahamas  (500+drain wells)

Apex Pavers, multiple subdivisions drainage work through out the Bahamas 

(200+ drain wells)

Bill Simmons Construction, multiple drain wells through out the Bahamas 

(50+ drain wells)

Knowles Construction, multiple supply wells and drainage work through out the Bahamas

Mike Stubbs Construction, multiple drainage work through out Nassau and Abaco (100+drain wells)

Bahamas Electricity Corporation, Abaco.  Utility poles installed throughout the Abacos

Albany Developers, Nassau.  Multiple deep supply wells and a 600ft disposal well

Bahamas Joint Venture Co.  Drainage work performed for the new E/W Highway, Nassau

Advanced Water Engineering, pending drilling work in Antigua and Jamaica

So for all of your drilling needs please contact us for a free estimate or consultation.  We welcome all inquires no matter how small or large the job!

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